Monday, December 10, 2007


Min has become our resident master of all things small prim. She came up with this idea that we think is literally the bomb. The trouble maker belt. Grenades, dynamite with old-school matches, brass knuckles, shotgun shells, and some bullets. Gun and killer instinct not included.

Cock Sock

I get these crazy ideas sometimes. A lot of times what starts out as a total joke, turns into something we might sell, and sometimes those items turn into popular items among our customers. This started out as a statement against noobs walking around with their cocks out, but turned into something that had a life of its own.
Guys, pick one of these up to impress people lol.
Girls, gift one for your best guy friend.
Long and flexi, it's that sock you thought you lost, with a special surprise inside for the peepers.


Here's our basic tank top, available right now in a few different patterns. Slightly worn, a little dirty and a definite favorite of ours.

Black Floral Lifted

Thought we would showcase the black floral lifted tank, a top seller at the moment. This shirt, same pattern is also available in stores as a regular tank. One thing that I didn't mention before is that these tops come as all layer versions..undershirt, shirt, and jacket; allowing the wearer to choose how much they want to show. They look nice with our tanks layered under them, and with the coming soon bikini tops we have been testing.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


The store has been open for a couple months now, and we have been meaning to set this blog up for a while. Our plans are to show our latest designs here, but since nothing up as of yet to show, we are going to be showing some of our products we have been selling the past couple months.
I'll start off with one of our first articles of clothing, the Original WWI Lifted Tank. Right now it comes in 4 patterns...camo, black floral, red bandana, and a striped version. We are working on a new release now, hopefully it will be out in the next month. Here is the Camo version.