Saturday, February 14, 2009

We are officially posting again.

OK. We are back posting again.... the laziness is over. There's lots we have done since the last release... please drop by the main store at Hello to see them all.

Ichi has been wanting to try his hand at tattoos for a LONG time...and this is his first. The Sacred Heart Tattoo just in time for Valentine's Day. He did an amazing job I have to say...beautifully illustrated, faded, and REAL. On the banners he put Eternal Love and All my heart in Latin. Nice touch Ich!

Yes..we had to do another version of our Coochie Cutters...this time as short and skimpy as possible! We still love the original but its nice to have an option when you want to show a little more skin.

OK.. I've been having a hard time finding many short hair styles i like so i made the Elise. If you ever watched Grey's Anatomy.....I was definitely a little inspired by Izzy's short sassy look. I tried doing some highlighted bang looks too...and i think they turned out pretty good. The Auburn with blonde highlighted bangs are my favorite.