Monday, March 16, 2009

WWI News

This week we have a few great outfits for you. Our new Shortalls skirt called "The Threadbanger". Comes in two color washes, includes the sculptie skirt and prim/sculptie pockets. The set includes three matching tiny striped tees. Next we did a hot new Jumpsuit in black. Super sexy unzipped....includes the matching optional bra and panties.

WWI Main Store

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bras Panties Socks..oh my!

Some new some borrowed this week. This is our first try at real panties ...not just stealing some from your boyfriends drawer. The WWI Betty. I love the color contrast in the honey, with the black lace accents.

The Army Girl Garters were so much fun to make, we did the boyfriend garter socks! Comes in three different packs..but my favorite is the black!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


You're all officially drafted and we've got the gear for ya. And hey...who says you can't look sexy too!
We have been wanting to do an army line for like ..forever. Check out the new Camo jumpsuit Ichi made..the handdrawn details like the undone belt are amazing. Includes the camo panties and bra IF you wanna wear them.

Tights were a must for this outfit..and we needed something rugged, sexy and practical...tough combo huh? I think we got it right with the Army Girl Garter socks.

I've been wanting to do bandages for a while now..and these turned out super realistic i think. These look great under ichi's camo jumpsuit and the camo lifted tank.